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Gareth Mueller

Technical Director at 1st WebDesigns

Gareth Mueller - 1st WebDesigns

My name’s Gareth and I’m the Technical Director and a project manager at 1st WebDesigns Ltd in Leicester, United Kingdom.

I formed the company in 1999 and we’ve gone on to develop hundreds of successful websites in that time, and currently we have over 200 active client accounts.

Our customers consist primarily of small, medium and a handful of large businesses in the UK, but we’ve done work for a number of companies throughout Europe, Asia and the USA too. Sadly, I can only speak one language – English – although that could change in the future!

Current technologies that I’m personally interested in and working with include HTML5, CSS, SASS, PHP, WordPress, Laravel, MySQL and JavaScript. I’ve worked in the industry for over 20 years now and I love the process of starting with a blank sheet and going on to build something wonderful.

I work hard, but in my spare time I’m interested in some of the usual (and some of the more unusual) things such as spending time with my family, playing with Nerf guns and going to the gym. I also enjoy cooking and eating (mostly the eating part).

If you’re interested in web development, you can contact me or one of the team by calling 0116 403 0288 or emailing [email protected].