Reasons not to self-host your own blog

Today we published an article Why your blog should be self-hosted within your own website.

We meet a lot people who have their blog hosted externally under or and this is something that we normally discourage. See the article above for the reasons why.

In the interests of fairness, I came across another article by Chris Knowles which offers a contrasting opinion. The general gist is:

  1. Self hosting your blog is difficult and there’s a lot to learn.

  2. There’s too much choice when it comes to themes, plug-ins, etc.

  3. It’s not necessarily the cheapest option.

  4. It can be time consuming.

  5. There are risks involved regarding maintenance and security.

  6. Starting from scratch can be unnecessary.

  7. Flexibility is overrated.

Feel free to read the original article in full

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