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Promotional Pens World goes live

After successfully launching 2 websites in 12 months for our client, EverythingBranded, we’re now pleased to announce the deployment of their third site: Promotional Pens World.

Promotional Pens World features a vast array of pens which can be branded with a personalised message or company logo. We worked hard to ensure that the individual web pages were SEO friendly, and the HTML markup was produced in-house, by hand, to guarantee slick load times.

The project was tested in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 9, Firefox versions 3 to 13, Chrome, Opera and Safari, providing a consistent browsing experience for all visitors. The site was connected to the company’s product database, also developed here at 1st WebDesigns, which allows EverythingBranded to efficiently manage their entire range of products across all 3 websites simultaneously.

Other features of Promotional Pens World include:

  • Search engine friendly URLs – i.e.

    instead of


  • Canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues.

  • Hierarchical page headings – these tell visitors and search engines what a page, and sections of a page, are about.

  • Optimised TITLE tags on each page – these tell visitors and search engines what a particular page is about.

  • ALT attributes on all images and photos – since search engines cannot “see” images, this provides an alternative text description of what a photograph or graphic represents. This is also useful for visitors who turn off images in their web browser to save bandwidth.

  • CSS based design – the site doesn’t use tables for layout, which are now considered bad practice.

  • All dynamic functionality that uses client-side scripting has a fall-back option for users who don’t have JavaScript enabled.