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Product Feeds for Affiliate Marketing

When creating an online marketing strategy, the Affiliate channel is incredibly valuable, especially in retail. “Affiliates” are websites that are paid commission for driving a sale or conversion to an ecommerce store.

Affiliate Marketing

For example, an affiliate could be a price comparison site that advertises other ecommerce sites using banner ads or links with a special tracking mechanism.

People interested in comparison shopping can use the Affiliate site to compare the best product price and then can click through to the chosen ecommerce shop where the purchase takes place. The price comparison Affiliate is then paid a percentage of the final sale price.

In order for this to work, Affiliates need the latest prices and products from the site that they are promoting, since they wouldn’t want to generate traffic to a site that was out of stock of a particular item. Therefore, a product feed is used to keep stock and product information up to date in real-time.

Recently 1st WebDesigns did some specialist work to generate a product feed for our client, Legally Glam, which allows them to update multiple affiliates with their current stock list.

As Legally Glam specialise in ladies fashion accessories such as watches, handbags and sunglasses, stock moves quickly and prices change frequently on their website. We were able to implement a solution that allows them to promote their products via numerous Affiliates without delay.

If you’re interested in generating product feeds from your own website, feel free to contact us for further details.