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New website for Loughborough student landlord

Having worked with Andrew Chell for over 10 years, we’re pleased to unveil the latest and greatest website design for one of Loughborough’s most successful student landlords.


In partnership with local graphic design agency Huband Design we worked together to develop a striking, user-friendly website that incorporates new branding, photography and well written, fast-to-load HTML5 mark-up.

The site includes housing availability lists, image galleries, floor plans and embedded Google maps, as well as enquiry forms and social interaction facilities.

With an intricate design and large photographs, the site still manages to boast a Google Page speed score of 97 out of 100 (on average, around 27 points higher than the competition!), which demonstrates our ability to follow all of the best practise guidelines during development. This includes writing efficient and compact code, optimising images throughout each page, and fine-tuning the site’s webserver for maximum performance.

Web design for student landlords

Andrew Chell isn’t the only student landlord in Loughborough enjoying a great website, we’ve also worked with Comfortable Living and Loughborough-Student-Houses to produce equally fantastic web designs which you can see below.

Comfortable Living

Comfortable Living Website

With a fresh, modern design, the Comfortable Living website helps to showcase a number of quality student homes in Loughborough.


Loughborough-Student-Houses Website

With a vibrant and funky appearance, Loughborough-Student-Houses incorporates an informal edge intended to appeal to a young generation of students.