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Linguists Direct web site launched

It’s been another busy week at the 1st WebDesigns’ offices in Leicester, and we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new web site for our client www.linguistsdirect.com

Compact, fast & functional

Linguists Direct are a language recruitment agency specialising in bi-lingual and multi-lingual job vacancies. As with previous project launches, the site utilises CSS sprites – a new method of reducing server requests and speeding up web pages.

In fact, with a Google Page speed score of 99 out of 100 not only does the site look great, but by following best practise guidelines during development it’s compact, fast and functional. As part of our quality control procedures, prior to its launch the site was tested in 10 different web browsers for maximum compatibility at the point of going live.

Integration with Twitter

Having advised Linguists Direct on how to best take advantage of social networking for their business, the site has been successfully integrated with Twitter. With an easy to use content management system, they can post new vacancies online which are then automatically added to their Twitter page.

Google Sitemap

Finally, a Google sitemap ensures each webpage is crawler friendly and accessible. Whenever Linguists Direct make changes to their site, the sitemap is re-generated and Google is instantly notified.

Joy Bradbury, Managing Director at Linguists Direct, said: “We are very pleased with all the work you have done towards the website and think it is absolutely brilliant. Within a short space of time we are already receiving an increased number of candidate submissions online.”

If you’d like to discuss the implementation of a Google sitemap or Twitter integration for your own website, contact us today without obligation.