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Latest web design project launch: Top Wristbands

Following the huge success of EverythingBranded.co.uk – a website designed and built for one of our clients earlier this year – we’re now pleased to announce the launch of their latest micro-site: www.topwristbands.co.uk

Focusing purely on wristband products from the company’s inventory of promotional items, their custom-built product database now controls both sites and provides an easy to use, central area for updating prices, photographs and stock information.

A “Live Chat” facility allows customers to talk online in real-time with a sales representative. Quotation and sample request forms, accessible from all product pages, provide an ideal call-to-action that helps to capture and qualify leads.

As is always the case, one of our primary goals was to not only produce a fantastic looking website, but to also ensure that the individual pages were structured in a search engine friendly manner. Each page was hand-coded to ensure reliability and speed, and to avoid “markup bloat” which is often found on other sites.

As part of our stringent quality control procedures, the website has been tested in over 10 different web browsers. Because not all visitors use Internet Explorer to browse online – many use Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari – this last point is crucial. It ensures that the site is compatible, fast and renders consistently for everyone.