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Infoterra Website Launched

Infoterra is a leading provider of geographic information products, software and services with major customers in public safety, government, defence, insurance, utilities, engineering and oil exploration. If you’ve ever used the satellite view on Google Maps, the chances are you were viewing images supplied by Infoterra.

The company approached 1st WebDesigns to produce their new website along with a custom-built content management system. The project was successfully rolled out across the Infoterra group of companies throughout the UK and Europe this month.

Paul Allen, Digital Marketing Manager at Infoterra commented: “1st WebDesigns were selected for their technical expertise. We needed a custom Content Management System, which would be scalable and support multi language use. We now have 5 sites for UK, Germany, Spain, Hungary and Group, all of which can be managed internally by our staff. The ability to deal with change was essential during this project, and 1st WebDesigns were a patient and flexible partner in this respect. Technically, they were able to modify and adapt the system after feedback from the various stakeholders.”

A second project stage is now under way and will go live later this year, which will allow website enquiries to be automatically imported into Infoterra’s customer relationship management software.

More about Infoterra

Infoterra is a subsidiary of Astrium Services and a leading provider of geographic information products, software and services for over 25 years.

Infoterra has geographic information solutions including airborne, laser (LiDAR) and satellite data acquisition, operational emergency planning systems, geo-information creation, database management and outsourced hosting. Using this portfolio Infoterra can provide geospatial knowledge to companies worldwide to help them make informed decisions.